Fans react to Camila Cabello defending Drake amid beef

Fans react to Camila Cabello defending Drake amid beef

Camilla Cabelo, Drake + Kendrick LamarCamilla Cabelo, Drake + Kendrick Lamar

Neilson Barnard / Contributor via Getty Images and Mike Marsland / Contributor via Getty Images and Paras Griffin / Stringer via Getty Images

Camilla Cabello defends Drake despite his feud with Kendrick Lamar. During a press round for her new album, C, XOXOCabello spoke about her relationship with the Canadian host, who was featured on two songs on her latest full-length LP.

“He is such a delight,” Cabello glows in an interview with The times. “It’s so frustrating to see people talking negatively about someone you know. You think, ‘Damn, if only you could just go out for dinner or something,'” she told the publication.

Cabello also discussed their collaboration, saying she reached out to Drake by reaching out to him through his DMs. “It’s a weird teenage thing where I feel like no one cares about me or likes me. And it was fun to be proven wrong,” the singer said.

“Drake dissing Kendrick Lamar for making songs with Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift and then coming out to make multiple songs with Camila Cabello after she just butchered a Gucci Mane classic is so funny to me,” one fan commented.

“Someone finally stood up for Drake and it was a white woman with a racist Tumblr. Tracks!” another fan noted.

After the album came out, Drake posted on Instagram: “Thanks for the link, camila_cabello. Congratulations.” One user replied, “The summer connection we needed,” while Cabello exclaimed, “Dialed up, twins!”

DJ Hed recently claimed that Cabello’s track would be released while Drake was in the middle of his feud with Kendrick Lamar. “FTR.. He dropped it. He held it back out of fear. Just like he’s holding back Camila’s release right now. Let that young lady drop her vibe bro. We love your “accent” sometimes. #Compromised,” the radio personality tweeted.

Now that the songs have been officially released, it looks like he was right.