Picking up boys from summer camp is a pleasant experience

Picking up boys from summer camp is a pleasant experience

“Chris, stand next to that giant bratwurst!” I said as I took a picture.

We were at the Hermann Wurst Haus in Hermann, MO to buy some summer sausage to take home.

Our three sons; Jack, Henry, and Oliver had spent the week at summer camp, which gave my husband, Chris, and I more alone time than we’d ever had since becoming mothers and fathers. Parents everywhere will understand how valuable this opportunity was to spend time with just the two of us.

It was Friday, camp pick up day, so we decided to leave early and have another date along the way to explore Hermann.

Hermann is a lovely town with German roots full of historical charm and most importantly vineyards. We had visited Stonehill Winery on our last visit here so this time we decided to have lunch at Adam Puchta Winery. We wanted to try too many things on the menu so we decided to order several things to share.

We went to the tent outside. It was a warm summer day and the sun shining on the rolling hills full of grape vines made for a beautiful place to sit. The Bistro Burger and pretzels we ordered arrived and just as we were about to dig in, a small, orange cat with part of its ear missing walked up to our table.

Maybe it was the cat lover in me, or the fact that I hadn’t had anyone to mother me all week, but I split half my burger with that cat. He had a blast!

After lunch we walked around the town, going in and out of the little shops along the main road. We got coffee on the way out of town and started the drive to camp. It had been a good day, but I couldn’t wait to pick up my boys!

We arrived at camp and as we approached the huts, our three sweaty, tanned and smiling boys came running out to greet us. They had had a great time swimming, hiking, eating horrible camp food and staying up way too late. We loaded our boys, their friend who we were taking home, and all their sleeping bags and suitcases full of dirty laundry into the van and drove home.

The car ride home was filled with giggling, singing camp songs, and chatting about all the fun the kids had had. It was loud and a little smelly — and it was my favorite part of the entire day. I missed those guys!