‘We’re not going to say we’ll get over his loss because we won’t,’ Mick Wallace tells son’s funeral – The Irish Times

‘We’re not going to say we’ll get over his loss because we won’t,’ Mick Wallace tells son’s funeral – The Irish Times

Former MEP Mick Wallace has paid tribute to his son Joseph, who died earlier this week from a brain tumor aged 30.

Speaking at his son’s funeral at the Victorian Chapel in Mount Jerome, Dublin, Mr Wallace spoke of their shared passion for football.

They were planning to go to the European Championships this week and were due to attend the round of 16 match between Italy and Switzerland in Berlin, which coincided with the funeral.

Joseph Barry Wallace died on Thursday at Tallaght University Hospital. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumour last year and had been coping with it, but became unwell last weekend while attending the Beyond the Pale festival in Glendalough, County Wicklow.

Many tributes were paid to Joseph during the humanist service. His father said the fact that Patricia (Joseph’s mother) and Joseph’s siblings, Gráinne, Sasha and Fionn, all had different memories of him showed how much of an impact he had on other people.

“It’s such an incredible tribute to him that he had a different relationship with the five of us,” he said.

“There were so many strings to his bow, so many of which are lasting memories for me. We will all use our memories of Joseph to sustain us in the days and years ahead.”

Mr Wallace recalled how his son had played football for Wexford Youths, the club he founded in 2007 and which now plays in the First Division as Wexford FC.

“We have been to many football matches together, we have followed Italy all over the world, we have been to many football matches in Italy,” he said.

Joseph told his father that after he lost his seat in the European elections earlier this month, they would have more time to go to matches together, especially in Italy. There they visited the Curva (ultra divisions) of Italian clubs, notably Torino.

“The atmosphere was always great, we had so much fun together,” Mr Wallace said.

As a family, they would never get over Joseph’s death, but he hoped the family would take comfort in the support of others.

“We are under no illusions, we are not going to say that we will recover from this loss, because we will not,” he told mourners.

“We’re not going to say we’re going to get over his loss, because we won’t, but we have to deal with it and we will. Where we’re going to get the strength to do that, I don’t know, but we’re going to get it somewhere.”

Many of the mourners wore pink shirts in the colors of Wexford FC.

Joseph Wallace was then cremated at Mount Jerome Crematorium.