Ocean Prime is now offering 2 free nights at Wynn Las Vegas + $50 dining credit

Ocean Prime is now offering 2 free nights at Wynn Las Vegas +  dining credit

Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ has long offered a status match for those with competitive casino status up to and including Ocean Prime status. We covered that match quite extensively in our post on How to Get Free Cruises by Playing Casino Status Matches. One of the other benefits of Ocean Prime status was a free two-night stay at Resorts World Las Vegas (I reviewed my free stay at Conrad Las Vegas here). As of today (7/1/24), the partnership with Resorts World has ended, but some will be happy to see Ocean teaming up with Wynn Las Vegas again – so Ocean Prime members now get a free 2-night stay at Wynn Las Vegas, which can be an incredibly valuable benefit.

Ocean Prime is now offering 2 free nights at Wynn Las Vegas +  dining credit

The agreement

  • Ocean Prime has ended its partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas and is now offering a Free 2-night stay at Wynn Las Vegas that comes with a $50 dining credit
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Key Terms

  • Status match benefits valid from 7/1/24 to 6/30/25

Quick thoughts

Wynn Las Vegas is one of the more expensive casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, so a free two-night stay can be quite a valuable perk. This is especially true if you can use the accommodation over a weekend, as rates in Las Vegas are often much more expensive.

Ocean Prime still offers the free MSC cruise, free valet parking at Ocean Casino Resort and a number of other benefits.

I recently stayed at the Encore Las Vegas and loved the rooms on the Encore side of the resort. I’m not sure if you have a choice, but I liked that the standard rooms at the Encore were more like a “suite” (although I didn’t stay on the Wynn side so I can’t compare the two).

My wife also preferred the spa on the Encore side of the resort. Regardless, we would happily stay at the Wynn/Encore complex again, especially for free.

Please note that Ocean allows players to match if they are new or have been inactive for 18 months or more (in other words, your card has not been played during that time). Since we matched in March and April 2023, we will have to wait a few more months before we get the chance to match again.

Speaking of the ability to match, the most common matching flow for readers of this site is:

  • Wyndham Earner Business card automatically earns Wyndham Diamond
  • Match Wyndham Diamond with Caesars Diamond
  • Combine Caesars Diamond with the Hard Rock icon in Hard Rock Ocean City
  • Link Hard Rock icon to Ocean Prime

Please note that Ocean Caesars will match Diamond Plus and Diamond Elite with Prime, but these status levels require a lot of play. You can also match MGM Platinum or Noir with Ocean Prime – but again, those are not easy statuses to obtain.

If you have MGM Gold, I believe you can match that with Hard Rock Icon as well, although I haven’t tracked those data points.

Overall, this is great news for those planning to play games in Atlantic City. Also note that if you matched with Ocean Prime between 3/1/24 and now, your Prime status should automatically renew today until 6/30/25 and you could take advantage of this benefit.

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