WATCH: Drake Fans Attack Rick Ross After He Played Drake’s Diss Track During The Show

WATCH: Drake Fans Attack Rick Ross After He Played Drake’s Diss Track During The Show

Rick Ross faced the wrath of Drake’s home country on Sunday when he was attacked after performing Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Not Like Us” following his Canadian concert.

In a video released Monday by TMZ, a group of about 15 men gathered around Ross, 48, after his performance at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver.

“You got a problem?”, someone is heard saying as Lamar’s No. 1 hit, in which he calls Drake a “certified pedophile,” blares in the background.

Rick Ross attacked by Drake fans
Drake “liked” an Instagram post showing the video of Rick Ross being attacked in Vancouver.

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Suddenly, a man punches Ross, although it’s hard to tell if he made contact with the “Hustlin'” rapper. That leads to the group apparently taking on Ross’ entourage as a huge fight breaks out. The outlet’s video also showed several men brutally kicking and punching another man to the ground.

To make matters worse, Drake “found” a video of the fight posted to Instagram.

“Y’all already know this @champagnepapi town,” the poster wrote above the video, tagging Drake. “Rick Ross was all out.”

Newsweek has reached out to reps for Drake and Rick Ross for comment and has not heard back.

Ross told TMZ that no one from his team was seriously injured in the attack, adding: “Vancouver is a beautiful city and he can’t wait to get back.” He repeated that statement in an Instagram Story showing him in front of his private jet.

“Vancouver, it was fun, see you next time.” wrote Ross.

Drake and Ross have collaborated on several songs dating back to 2010, when Drizzy was hoping to feature on Ross’ “Aston Martin Music.” In May 2023, Ross claimed on Champions Drinking that he and Drake were “really close” and claimed they were “in the top two percent when it comes to writers and creators.”

But things spiraled out of control when Drake’s diss track “Push Ups” leaked online, in which he attacked Ross and Lamar, among others. Drake lashed out at Ross as a prison guard and that he only has Billboard hits when he works with Drake.

Ross hit back with his own diss track, “Champagne Moments,” in which he claimed Drake had a nose job. Ross then continued to criticize Drake on social media, calling him “white boy” and giving Drake his now infamous nickname “BBL Drizzy.”

Meanwhile, Drake and Lamar’s rap run began last year when Drake and J.Cole released their song “First Person Shooter,” in which they claimed that they, along with Lamar, are “the big three” in hip-hop.

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