EA FC 24 Estefania Banini Flashback SBC – Destructoid

EA FC 24 Estefania Banini Flashback SBC – Destructoid

The Estefania Banini Flashback SBC could be an affordable addition for many EA FC24 adding players to their roster who are looking for a solid midfielder.

EA Sports has been releasing a lot of cheap Flashback SBCs recently, and some of them have been pretty mediocre. The Banini card, on the other hand, could be a decent shout in the current meta. Those who used her Squad Foundations item at the start of Ultimate Team last year will remember how effective she was in the middle of the pitch.

EA FC 24 Estefania Banini Flashback SBC Tasks

The Estefania Banini Flashback SBC has only two tasks, and both have different conditions that must be met when submitting the squads.

Task 1 – 87-rated squad

Task 2 – Squad with a rating of 88

EA FC 24 Estefania Banini Flashback SBC cheapest solutions

The Estefania Banini Flashback SBC should cost around 150,000 coins, so it’s pretty cheap considering some of the other SBCs are currently alive EA FC24. However, it is always advisable to use the cheapest solutions to save as many in-game resources as possible.

Task 1 – 87-rated squad

  • Fabinho 84
  • Wendy Renard 88
  • Bernardo Silva 88
  • Koen Casteels 84
  • Bruno Fernandes 88
  • Ederson 88
  • Alexandra Popp 88
  • Stanislav Lobotka 84
  • Lena Oberdorf 87
  • Martin Odegaard 87
  • Lucas Shaw 83

Task 2 – 88-rated squad

  • Irene Paredes: 88
  • Victor Osimhen: 88
  • Bernando Silva: 88
  • Marie Katoto: 88
  • Jan Oblak: 88
  • Joshua Kimmich: 88
  • Lucy Brons: 87
  • Lina Magull: 87
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma: 87
  • Lea Schuller: 86
  • Mapi Leon: 89

This 95-rated CM item is tailor-made for the CAM position (even though she doesn’t have the feature). Her Flashback card has four great playstyles+, which are great for a CAM card. While she may not get upgrades like Path to Glory or Make Your Mark items, the SBC is worth completing if you have the necessary fodder.

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