Australia’s myGov app integrates access keys and still waits for ID credentials

Australia’s myGov app integrates access keys and still waits for ID credentials

Australia’s digital ID has made “real progress” in recent months, but the federal government is still unable to provide a timeline on when the upcoming IDs will be integrated into the country’s myGov government services app, according to the Australian minister’s bill for government services. Shorten.

The government plans to make the app a one-stop shop for government services, Shorten says. Many Australians already use the myGov app with their Medicare card.

Last Friday, the minister announced that veteran cards will also be available in the myGov app. The move will allow the nation’s 300,000 veterans to access services, file claims and have bills paid for home care and support.

After the amended Digital Identity Act passed the Senate in April, Premier Anthony Albanese’s government is currently negotiating with the states over access to their driver’s licenses. According to Shorten, Finance Minister Katy Gallagher held a meeting of digital and data ministers in June with all the state governments on the same page.

“We want to make sure we can get the idea that you go through one door to access government services,” he says. “We will have more to say about that as negotiations progress.”

The MyGov service also recently introduced password logins. The app has been criticized for its vulnerability to scams and fraud, costing the government billions of dollars. In December last year, the government released a series of recommendations to improve MyGov, including the introduction of access keys that use FIDO2 authentication standards.

Services Australia will receive AU$580 million (US$385.7 million) over four years to maintain and develop myGov.

The Australian federal government has also earmarked AU$288.1 million (US$190.9 million) for the national digital identity program, which will launch in July. The majority of the funding, AU$156 million (US$103.3 million), will go towards upgrading the myGovID platform, the digital identity app that allows Australians to prove their identity when accessing government online services.

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