Max Verstappen F1 BAN called after collision with Lando Norris

Max Verstappen F1 BAN called after collision with Lando Norris

A driver has claimed Max Verstappen faces an ‘immediate racing ban’ for his role in the collision that ended Lando Norris’ race and left Verstappen needing to repair a puncture.

The Red Bull driver led the race comfortably from pole, but a slow pit stop on lap 52 brought Norris into contention and the two narrowly took the lead several times as they battled for first position.

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Norris dived in and the pair ran for only a few laps before contact was made off the track and both drivers suffered a puncture and limped back to the pits.

This time Verstappen was the culprit in the eyes of experts and stewards gave the reigning champion a 10-second time penalty.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen collided late in the race in Austria
The Red Bull and McLaren drivers suffered punctures after their collision

Verstappen ‘deliberately’ forced Norris off the track

While Verstappen’s driving may have been seen by many as being on the limit, ‘racing hard’ or going too far, a fellow driver has taken his analysis a step further.

Drivers are often unhappy with actions that could be construed as intentional. British driver Bradley Philpot believes that Verstappen should be suspended for his actions.

“Trying to run a car off the road you just hit while driving with a flat tire on the back should be an immediate ban from racing,” he wrote on X.

Philpot is a two-time Nürburgring Endurance champion and also has a victory in the Silverstone 24 Hours to his name.

“Max caused a crash and then deliberately forced the car he had just crashed into to go onto the grass on a straight,” he claimed.

“He hasn’t matured. He’s just had less competition in recent years.”

Verstappen gained an unwanted reputation early in his Formula 1 career due to his aggressive and sometimes incident-prone driving style.

He hasn’t seen regular wheel-to-wheel battles for wins since 2021, when controversy shrouded the title fight with Lewis hamilton after multiple crashes and near misses, even before the infamous Abu Dhabi final.

However, the Dutchman has more than proven his ability and temperament, as he has won two more championship titles. This time, however, he may have crossed the line.

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