A new drive-thru is unveiled selling Britain’s ‘cheapest pizza’ for just 15p each New York style

A new drive-thru is unveiled selling Britain’s ‘cheapest pizza’ for just 15p each New York style

A NEW drive-through chain has arrived in the UK from across the pond, selling legendary New York-style pizzas.

The US-born franchise is offering the ‘cheapest’ pizza slices for just 15 cents, but for a limited time.

The American chain Sbarro has opened a drive-thru in the United Kingdom for the first timeCredit: Getty

Sbarro, which has 15 stores in the UK, opened its first drive-thru location in the country last Thursday.

The chain, which has 630 branches in 28 countries, has welcomed drivers to Cleckheaton Services, in Centurion Way.

To celebrate the opening, Sbarro has reduced the price of its signature New York-style XL pizza slices by as much as 95 percent for one day.

To honor the company’s legacy, the franchise will serve pizza slices at the same price as they did 70 years ago in Brooklyn. New York.

When Sbarro first opened its doors across the Atlantic in 1956 as an Italian salumeria, it became known for its 15-cent pizza slices.

Carmela Sbarro, also known as “Mama,” prepared pizza slices for shift workers who needed a quick meal.

A spokesperson for the company told the Telegraph&Argus: “Her slices were so popular that they soon opened a second location focusing solely on pizza, and there are now more than 630 Sbarro eateries in 28 countries.

“Our brand new store in Cleckheaton offers the convenience of a drive-thru restaurant, combined with the finest quality pizza slices that Sbarro has perfected over almost 70 years, and we thought the price was the best way to reflect this.

“To celebrate our opening, we’re doing what Mama Sbarro did: we’re selling the best pizza slices for the same price as in 1956.

“To celebrate our new Cleckheaton site, the UK’s first drive-thru pizza, we’re giving people Sbarro quality for just 15p each.”

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Shoppers should hurry to the drive-thru, as the promotion only lasts this Saturday.

In addition to pizza slices, a special breakfast menu is available at the Cleckheaton location, which opens at 6am every weekday

This consists of hash browns, sausage, egg and cheese strombolini and a pizza with sausage, ham, egg and cheese.

The store will also sell a selection of drinks such as dragon fruit, hazelnut and caramel syrup hazy lemonade, as well as a choice of coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

The UK’s cheapest meal deal costs just £3

A BARGAIN £3 meal deal has been launched with a lesser-known supermarket, appealing to the big dogs.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Boots all offer the famous main snack-drink bundle at prices ranging from £3.50 to £4, but now a new player is shaking things up.

Now Poundland has introduced a cheaper £3 offer called “grab a bite”.

It includes the main course, drink and snack without the need for a customer card.

It is available in all Poundland branches and has a range of over 400 items including sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi and rolls.

There are more than 200 drinks to choose from as customers look to quench their thirst during the summer months.

Poundland’s managing director Austin Cooke previously told The Sun: “This meal deal is the best value in the country.

“There is no one here who can touch our value. We are 20% cheaper than the next competitor, and that is with a customer card.”

During the week, Sbarro closes at 10:30 PM and on weekends it is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

If you don’t fancy driving to the cheap fare, The Sun tested frozen pizzas from the supermarket and the 95p winner is better than Goodfellas.

It comes as the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the weekly shop has been revealed – and it’s not Lidl or Morrisons.

Consumer group Which? compared the prices of 67 items from eight different supermarkets to find the best value for money.

In the meantime, London has been called home to most of the planet.

This pizzeria in London has won the title of best in Europe at the World 50 Top Pizza Awards.