Miramar is against the construction of an incinerator at the western airport

Miramar is against the construction of an incinerator at the western airport

A message from Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam:

The City of Miramar has launched a strong community campaign to protect air and water quality and protect the environment. The city is calling on residents of Miramar and surrounding cities to sign the petition to oppose the possible relocation of the Miami-Dade County incinerator less than a mile from the western city limits. To date, more than 10,300 studies have been conducted.

Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam

Mayor Wayne M. Messam passionately expressed his opposition to the incinerator relocation at a recent Miami-Dade Commission meeting, highlighting the potential health risks and environmental impacts. He confirmed: “We will steadfastly oppose and protect our community from any potential harm caused by the incinerator. Miramar is committed to protecting our environment and human health, and ensuring a sustainable future for all.”

Miramar’s position is bolstered by consultations with environmental groups and legal experts, who highlight the significant health risks of locating an incinerator near residential areas, schools and the Everglades. Concerns have been heightened by Miramar’s assessments of similar waste-to-energy facilities in other communities and an analysis of relevant scientific data.

Mayor Messam criticized a flawed air quality report commissioned by Miami-Dade County, claiming: “The report does not adequately address the risks to our community. We cannot compromise on public health and environmental safety. Miramar will take all necessary legal steps to prevent the construction of the incinerator at the Airport West location.”

Miramar advocates an alternative solution and supports the relocation of the incinerator to Medley, an industrialized city with existing infrastructure and the necessary permits for a waste-to-energy plant. This alternative location, located away from residential areas, offers a safer option with fewer environmental and health concerns.

Community involvement has been key to Miramar’s efforts. The city has held town hall meetings, forums, a press conference, and information sessions to educate residents about the potential impacts of the incinerator and gather valuable feedback.

Miramar recently launched a Spanish speaking community campaign to ensure that all Spanish speaking residents are well informed and involved. The petition has been placed on billboards, banners, marquee signs and A-frames in 3 languages ​​with QR code and site

As Miramar’s opposition continues to mount, Mayor Messam and the city remain committed to protecting their residents and committing to responsible development practices that prioritize the well-being of the community.


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