49ers hope ‘Shanastache’ takes San Francisco to the top

49ers hope ‘Shanastache’ takes San Francisco to the top

First there was the “Shanahat.” That was the phrase GM John Lynch used to describe head coach Kyle Shanahan’s hat a few years ago. Lynch was a guest on KNBR’s Murph and Mac show in September 2021 and was asked what the plan was for recently drafted rookie quarterback Trey Lance. Lynch responded, “It’s an organic thing. I talk to Kyle, but it’s all under that Shanahat. It’s the flow of the game, if we use him, how we use him.”

It wasn’t the first time the word had been used, but it was the first time I’d used it in the title of an article. Come to think of it, it was the only time I’d ever used it. But now there’s a new word doing the rounds, thanks in part to Shanahan’s new look when he showed up for Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo’s wedding on Saturday.

Shanahan showed up to the wedding with slicked-back hair and a new mustache, which Peter Panacy of FanSided dubbed the “Shanastache.” If you don’t recognize Shanahan in the picture above, he’s the guy on the right.

Fans of the team have had fun with the coach’s new look. Some say he looks like he’s part of the mafia, and others say they hope the “Shanastache” is here to stay. But the biggest question is whether Shanahan’s new look will put the team over the top and finally bring the elusive sixth Lombardi Trophy to the Bay Area. Forget Brandon Aiyuk’s contract. Forget draft picks, free agency moves and contract extensions for McCaffrey and Jauan Jennings. Forget QB Brock Purdy getting a real offseason this year. Those topics are small news. The big news is the “Shanastache.”

It’s worked for Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid. What if the Chiefs’ success has less to do with quarterback Patrick Mahomes and more to do with Reid’s mustache? Could Shanahan be onto something?

In the Bible, Samson was a man of amazing strength. No one could figure out the source of his strength until he let down his guard and revealed his secret to a lovely girl named Delilah. The secret to his strength was his hair. One night when he fell asleep, she cut his hair and his strength disappeared.

Could that be the secret to the 49ers finally beating the Chiefs in the Super Bowl? Have 49ers fans suffered heartbreaking losses in big games because of the coach’s lack of facial hair? What if Shanahan keeps the “Shanastache” and someone shaves off Reid’s mustache? Will that put the 49ers over the top?

Or will we find out that it has nothing to do with the “Shanastache” and is something boring like outplaying the other team? No, I’m sticking with the Samson theory. My early prediction for Super Bowl LIX, based on this new development:

49ers 62

Leaders 3