I made my dirty 17 year old terrace shine again with a cheap Wilko purchase

I made my dirty 17 year old terrace shine again with a cheap Wilko purchase

A WOMAN has revealed how she easily transformed her boring patio into a fantastic one.

Sandra posted on Facebook to show off the incredible transformation and the inexpensive purchase that did all the work.

A clever DIYer shared her dirty patio and how she transformed itCredit: Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips
A cheap purchase from Wilko helped transform her patioCredit: Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

The clever DIYer showed off her garden transformation on social media and was clearly pleased with the results.

She said that she had her patio installed 17 years ago and that it didn’t look so good anymore.

The concrete roof tiles had discoloured and turned light grey. Stains had also developed and the sealant between them had come loose.

But now they looked like new again and had the deep black tiles she once had.

In the post sharing the before and after photos, she wrote: “Terrace cleaned and resealed.”

She posted the transformation on the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, which has more than 620,000 members.

Mrs Hinch became a viral sensation after sharing her cleaning and tidying videos on Instagram.

People who saw Sandra’s photos were impressed by the new look and asked for more details.

Someone wrote: “I wonder what you used? We have black slate but it turned gray. We would like to get the color back.”

Sandra quickly told what she had used.

Cheap and easy ways to transform your garden, including painting fences black

She replied: “We cleaned the patio with Wilkos patio cleaner, let it dry and then applied two coats of sealant, leaving at least two hours between coats.

Our terrace was already broken 17 years ago, but we have achieved fantastic results. Good luck.”

Another asked: “How did you get this so clean? We’ve only had ours for 4 weeks and it’s already filthy.”

“We used smart seal, but that’s for concrete slabs, not slate. You’ll have to Google for suitable stains for outdoor slate tiles. Good luck, I hope you get fixed,” Sandra said.

How to repair broken patio tiles

The paving specialists at Simply Paving told Fabulous how to repair broken patio tiles without too much hassle.

The experts advised: “If you have a loose paving slab, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to lift it straight up by hand. Instead, you’ll probably need a hammer and chisel to pry the paving loose from your patio.

To remove loose tiles without damaging your tiles, carefully chisel away the mortar around the tile with the chisel and rubber mallet until the tile is completely loose.

“Then slide the shovel into the gap created by the mortar and pry the tile loose from the patio.

“As you lift the shovel, place a short piece of wood under the shovel. This will act as a lever, making it easier to do the job and protecting the slab underneath.

“When the paving starts to give, place the cylindrical wood underneath and roll the slab out of the patio.”

The Wilko Outdoor Cleaning Fluid costs only €5.49 and can be used for cleaning paths and patios.

Wilko bosses say: “Our Outdoor Fluid is a powerful black disinfectant that keeps your garden fresh and clean.

“It has a strong phenolic odor and turns white when diluted in water. Use on paths and patios to remove algae, mold and lichen.

“Dilute 50 parts water with 1 part of our outdoor cleaning fluid and apply liberally to affected areas. Leave for 30 minutes, then scrub with a brush and rinse with water.”

Someone wrote: “Looks amazing!”

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Another commented: “Perfect.”

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