Rapper Rick Ross involved in brawl after Vancouver festival show – BC News

Rapper Rick Ross involved in brawl after Vancouver festival show – BC News

After his performance, Rick Ross received an unpleasant surprise at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver.

The event, dubbed “the largest Canada Day festival” by organizers, took place on June 30 at the Plaza of Nations in downtown Vancouver, with Ross headlining alongside Waka Flocka Flame, S!ck!ck and Merkules.

Multiple videos of Ross on the sidelines after his performance show a violent incident. As Ross was leaving, Kendrick Lamarr’s diss track “Not Like Us” was played, which is aimed at Canadian rapper Drake. Ross and Drake also have a feud.

Videos posted to social media show Ross being confronted by several people on the side of the stage. The confrontation escalates when a man in a mohawk punches Ross, who responds in kind.

It quickly becomes a brawl between Ross’ crew and those who decided to confront Ross. A guard in a yellow vest can be seen nearby, overwhelmed by the violence.

One man who appears to be part of Ross’ crew is separated from the group and attacked by two men while he lies on the ground.

There is a brief quieter moment as the two groups continue to shout at each other.

Violence breaks out again behind the scenes and at least one man is left unconscious on the ground.

What happened next is not shown in the videos.

Ross has not directly commented on the incident on social media, but has posted stories on Instagram of himself laughing, eating breakfast and saying goodbye to the city.

“Vancouver, it was fun, see you next time,” reads one message, as Ross stands in front of a private jet.

Others have reacted online. Drake has liked videos of the attack.

According to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the incident may have been resolved by on-site security.

“We have no reports to the police about this,” said Const. Tania Visintin of the VPD. “I also checked with ECOMM and confirmed that no one called the police.”

Vancouver Is Awesome has contacted organizers about the incident and will update the story as more information becomes available.