Foods to avoid, ‘dumb American’ tourists, millennial saints: read the stories of the day

Foods to avoid, ‘dumb American’ tourists, millennial saints: read the stories of the day

👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! People all over the world are all too familiar with the “dumb American” tourists who make fools of themselves while visiting another country. Here’s how to avoid that stereotype the next time you travel abroad.

Here’s what else you might have missed during your busy day:


1️⃣ Eating unhealthy: If bacon, hot dogs and soda are part of your diet, you could be taking years off your life. Researchers found that eating certain ultra-processed foods increased your risk of dying from heart disease or diabetes.

2️⃣ On hold: The Department of Education is pausing student loan payments for about 3 million borrowers who expected lower monthly bills starting this week. Here’s what you need to know.

3️⃣ Please make a reservation: The next time you book a table for dinner, you’ll have better luck if you’re an American Express cardholder. The credit company, which already owns Resy, is buying the Tock booking app.

4️⃣ ‘God’s influencer’: An Italian video gamer becomes the Catholic Church’s first millennial saint. Carlo Acutis died of leukemia when he was 15.

5️⃣ Make fashion, not war: Serbian artist Marina Abramović made a statement in her white “peace” dress at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK. Take a look.

🚀 Fiery error: A Chinese rocket crashed into the hills of Gongyi in China after accidentally launching during a ground test, the company Space Pioneer said. No injuries were reported.


Watch a Chinese rocket crash after an accidental launch

• Supreme Court rules Trump entitled to some immunity in Jan. 6 case
• Hurricane Beryl makes landfall in the Windward Islands as a life-threatening Category 4 storm
• Mistrial declared in murder case of woman accused of killing her police officer boyfriend

🦋 Mystery solved: Scientists have found evidence that a group of Painted Ladies flew more than 2,600 miles across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping, explaining how they ended up on a beach in South America, where they are not normally found.


🇺🇦 Big task: Tabashnyk, whose mother was killed in a Russian airstrike on Kharkov, reflected on the difficulties of qualifying for the Summer Olympics while her country is at war.


🏏 Which cricket-obsessed country celebrated after winning the men’s T20 World Cup?
D.Sri Lanka
⬇️ Scroll down for the answer.

🧑 New guideline: Doctors are being asked to diagnose Alzheimer’s based on biomarkers rather than pen-and-paper memory tests, raising concerns among some about profit-driven conflicts of interest.

We would like to end on a positive note:
Some of the most talented professional golfers wait years — even their entire careers — to make a hole-in-one. Frank Bensel Jr. just made it two in a row at the U.S. Senior Open in Rhode Island. The United States Golf Association called the feat “truly historic.”

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🧠 Answer to the quiz: A. India defeated South Africa by seven runs in the T20 World Cup final, ending a long wait of 13 years without a World Cup trophy.
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