Rick Ross attacked after playing Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss track

Rick Ross attacked after playing Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss track

Rozay has had a tough weekend, but he doesn’t show it.

Footage shared on social media shows Rick Ross, 48, being attacked in Vancouver on Sunday night after performing at the Ignite Music Festival.

Video of the incident shows Ross leaving the stage as he and his crew get into an argument with several others, which quickly escalates into a full-blown brawl when a man throws the first punch, hitting Ross in the face. Multiple videos of the incident, taken from different angles, indicate the fight lasted several minutes.

Rick Ross.

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According to TMZ, the feud stemmed from a negative reaction to Ross’ choice of music: the rapper closed his performance by playing Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss track “Not Like Us,” which he had created during their ongoing rap feud.

Representatives for Ross did not immediately respond to Entertainment weeklyrequest for comment.

Ross has not yet addressed the confrontation on social media, but he did post several updates on Instagram Story afterward, indicating he appears unfazed by the attack.

In one video, the rapper laughs heartily while drinking champagne, and in a Monday photo, he stands in front of a jet. “Vancouver, it was fun, see you next time,” he captioned the post.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


However, the incident prompted a silent response from Drake, who liked a video of the fight on Instagram.

Ross has his own history with the Toronto native, who previously dissed the rapper on “Push Ups.” The song included the lyrics, “I could take your newest girl and strap her up like Ricky / I can’t believe he jump in, this n—- turning 50 / Every song that hit the charts, he got from Drizzy.” Ross responded with his song “Champagne Moments,” in which he suggests Drake got a nose job.

Although those involved have remained silent, 50 Cent immediately responded to the incident by reposting footage of Ross walking out of the fight on Instagram.

“LMAO THE GREAT ESCAPE! MEEKA CALL THE PURSUITERS, THEY ARE CHASING ME,” he captioned the video. 50 Cent offered more mockery in a video later uploaded to social media, in which he sarcastically expressed concern for Ross.

“Hey guys. I just saw a very unfortunate situation that happened in Canada, and I want to tell everyone that I hope that brother made it home safe,” he said in the video. “I hope he now has a different perspective and a better idea of ​​what to do and what not to do while he’s out in the world.”

He held up his fists and continued, “That part where that young dude did something like — he did that little move and shit and got knocked out — that doesn’t reflect on him. That reflects on his camp.”

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The ongoing feud between Drake and Lamar has led to several other rappers getting in on the act, either supporting one side or condemning the dispute outright. Last month, Ice Cube admitted that he supports the conflict as long as it remains nonviolent.

“I agree with the beef. I always agree with rap battles. That’s the essence of the game,” he told Shaquille O’Neal on The Big Podcast with Shaq. “As long as it doesn’t get physical, because that’s not rap. If it gets physical, it’s just street crime.”