Hope for Torry Raac homes as repairs considered

Hope for Torry Raac homes as repairs considered

Councillors have revealed the huge difference in price between repairing and demolishing the hundreds of homes in Torry evacuated over the Raac crisis.

Councillors met at City Hall today to get an update on the current situation and options for dealing with the hundreds of affected properties.

Bosses explained that three long-term options were being considered to address the “crumbly” material in Balnagask’s homes.

Members heard about plans engineers had put forward to possibly stabilize the homes – and the costs involved.

One of these would involve supporting the Raac panels with a wooden frame, while another, more expensive solution would involve replacing the entire roof.

Another option is to tear them down and build new ones in their place.

Raac was found in buildings on Farquhar Road. Image: Darrell Benns/DC Thomson

What options are there?

One possible solution would be to add a wooden support frame to the affected properties, allowing residents to return to their beloved homes.

The crumbling concrete would remain in the buildings and not be removed, but the idea is that this will prevent collapse.

The Raac option that has been ruled out. Image: Aberdeen City Council

It could cost the council up to £22,000 to install a frame in each of the 332 properties, which would cost around €2,000. three years to get the job done.

Another option under discussion is removing and replacing the affected roofs.

However, this costly route could cost the council £71,000 per house, and approximately four years to finish.

A close-up of reinforced autoclave aerated concrete, better known as RAAC

But the council has not yet ruled out demolition, as this would still be the cheapest solution.

Balnagask could be cleared of Raac properties within a year at a cost of up to £10,000 per house. The lower cost would be £5,000 per house.

Concerns over possible Torry Raac repair option

Councillor Alex Nicol expressed concerns about the support framework option, believing it would “require a lot of ongoing monitoring”.

He wondered whether the construction would provide sufficient protection if the Raac panels eventually failed.

Chief Executive John Wilson explained that annual inspections would be required if that option was chosen.

SNP councillor Alex Nicoll.  Photo: Jim Irvine/DC Thomson.
Councillor Alex Nicol expressed concern that one of the proposed options was not good enough. Image: Paul Glendell/DC Thomson

Insulation material is placed between the Raac and wooden panels. Any problems will be visible through water damage.

How many Torry households have moved?

Since the emergency meeting of the Raac in February, 113 rental contracts have been signed and 58 tenants have been given a new home.

Nine others left Balnagask after taking their own measures.

The local authority aims to have everyone associated with the worrying material removed by the end of December.

This is despite initial hopes that all 300 affected households could be relocated by the end of the summer.

Some chicken coops in the Pentland Crescent and Balnagask Road area of ​​Torry. Image: Darrell Benns/DC Thomson

Support for Torry tenants expanded

Following feedback from tenants, the council has expanded mental health and wellbeing support for residents.

The British Red Cross has offered additional help and a six-week support group has been set up by Mental Health Aberdeen.

Tenants in Torry council houses with Raac in their roofs to be relocated "as soon as possible". Image: Alastair Gossip/DC Thomson
No other council houses are affected by Raac in Aberdeen. Image: Alastair Gossip/DC Thomson

Last week, drop-in sessions were organised in the city by the Health and Social Care Partnership.

Extra patrols are being deployed and litter teams are conducting weekly checks to keep the area tidy.

Torry has seen an increase in illegal dumping as more residents move out, choosing to leave larger pieces of furniture behind.

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