Roy Keane shares which former Arsenal player he liked better… Cesc Fabregas or Patrick Vieira

Roy Keane shares which former Arsenal player he liked better… Cesc Fabregas or Patrick Vieira

Roy Keane has emerged as one of the most popular commentators on television.

One thing that has stuck with the former Manchester United midfielder is his bitter rivalry with Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira.

The two came into conflict when they topped the table for their teams, with both offering their clubs the role of midfielder.

Roy Keane is no stranger to sharing his unvarnished opinions during live match broadcasts and has also shared more detail about this on programmes such as Stick to Football.

Vieira even recently featured on The Overlap, where the Arsenal legend spoke to Keane about the famous rivalry between the two midfielders.

But Keane has now spoken of comparing Vieira as a player to Cesc Fabregas.

Sky Sports analysts Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane chat ahead of the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Brighton & Hove Albion at the Emirates...
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Who Roy Keane said was better… Cesc Fabregas or Patrick Vieira

Keane is currently in Germany to cover this summer’s European Championships as part of the ITV Sport team.

Fabregas is also in Germany to report on the tournament for BBC Sports.

However, the Spaniard would do better not to look at Keane when he says he is the best, him or Vieira.

Keane spoke to The Overlap’s social media team and was tasked with choosing between two selected players.

When Keane had to choose between Fabregas and Vieira, he chose his old foe, claiming Vieira was the better of the two former Arsenal players.

However, the former Arsenal midfielder only lasted one more round as Keane chose him over Antoine Griezmann.

But he was then taken off the pitch when Keane joined former Italy defender Paolo Maldini in the squad.

Patrick Vieira shares admiration for Roy Keane

Now that the duo have hung up their boots and had time to reflect on their battles at the top of English football, they have both shown their respect for each other.

Naturally, there were heated arguments between the two, such as the Highbury Tunnel brawl in 2005.

But when asked who his biggest opponent was, Vieira recently admitted that Keane and the other United midfielders were also among his best.

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