“Big Big Things” – Moment Young Jonn Lifts Plus-Size Lady On Stage During Performance -VIDEO

“Big Big Things” – Moment Young Jonn Lifts Plus-Size Lady On Stage During Performance -VIDEO

  • Young Jonn surprised fans in Toronto by lifting a plus-size woman onto the stage during his performance of his hit, “Big Big Things.”
  • Despite a failed first attempt, he managed to lift her on his second attempt, prompting the crowd to cheer and applaud wildly.

Young Jonna famous Nigerian music producer and singer, undoubtedly took his fans by storm during a recent performance in Toronto, Canada.

The “Big Big Things” hitmaker invited a plus-size woman to dance with him on stage, and the crowd went wild. What happened next, however, was truly astonishing.

In a bold move, Young Jonn attempted to lift the lady off the ground while performing the aforementioned song, but his first attempt failed. Undaunted, he put down his microphone, took a deep breath, and tried again. This time, he successfully lifted her up, sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers and applause.

The crowd was electrified and the energy in the room was palpable. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes and many couldn’t help but wonder how he managed to lift someone of her stature. The lady herself seemed excited, dancing and laughing as Young Jonn held her up.

In the video he wrote:

“PHIL. 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 😉 TORONTO WAS A MOVIE 🔥🔥🔥.”

Watch the video below:

In other news, a video of Young Jonn engaging in a lively dance session with Adenike Adeleke, the niece of famous musician Davido, caused quite a stir online.

In the video shared to Young Jonn’s Instagram page, the two can be seen happily dancing to one of the artist’s latest songs in what appeared to be an apartment.

The images were accompanied by a caption from Young Jonn himself, in which he indicated that he was sharing a carefree moment with Adenike.

“Bahamas with Nikos Living @nikos_babii 🍯,” He wrote.

As the video circulated online, Internet users couldn’t help but joke about it and issue warnings.

Some humorously warned young Jonn to avoid the attention of Adenike’s father or her cousin Davido, hinting at the possible consequences for the two’s family.

Among those surprised by the unexpected pairing was Adenike’s brother, Sina Rambo, who expressed his surprise in the comments.