How to Get Apple TV+ for Cheap or Free

How to Get Apple TV+ for Cheap or Free

Apple TV+ might be Apple’s most left-field product, when you think about it — it’s hard to fathom why the maker of Macs and iPhones would try to compete with Netflix. But the streaming service is worth checking out, with some of its best-selling series including Manhunt, Severance and Masters of the Air. Every now and then, Apple also drops a gem of a film, like Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

If you want to try it cheaply, or for free, you have several options available to you. What’s best depends on your circumstances and how long you want to watch.

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Apple TV+

$9.99 per month

Free Trial
7 days free trial and 3 months free when you buy an Apple device

How to get Apple TV+ for free?

Buy a new Apple device

A blue iPhone 15 Pro on gravel.

OK, so it’s not exactly “free,” but Apple does offer three months of Apple TV+ when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV 4K. There are a few other caveats: the deal only applies to new or returning Apple TV+ subscribers, and you must redeem your trial within 90 days of purchasing your device. Also, make sure you cancel more than 24 hours before your trial ends if you don’t want your subscription to auto-renew.


  1. Make sure the new device is signed in to your Apple ID. If you didn’t do that during setup, you can find related options in Institutions.
  2. Find and open the TV application
  3. You should see a pop-up with the three-month offer. Follow the instructions.
  4. If the pop-up doesn’t appear right away, it should appear once you select the option. Apple TV+ tab.

Sign up for the standard trial period

A recording of Manhunt on Apple TV+.


If you’re new to Apple devices or don’t plan on buying one, the company always offers a seven-day trial for new Apple TV+ subscribers. There’s no special trick: You get the trial automatically when you sign up, as long as you haven’t used the service before. As with the three-month trial, you must cancel at least 24 hours before it ends if you don’t want to become a paying subscriber.

Shopping and transport promotions

Apple TV+ on T-Mobile.


Some retailers and mobile carriers offer three, six, or 12 months of Apple TV+ for free if you pay for a specific product or sign up for a loyalty or rewards program. These deals are usually advertised quite prominently, with instructions on how to claim them.

If you’re lucky, your carrier offers Apple TV+ as part of your phone plan. In the US, for example, T-Mobile bundles the service with an active Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plan. “Active” is the key word — you’ll lose Apple TV+ if you ever switch carriers.

Sign up for an Apple One trial

A splash image of an Apple One.


Apple One bundles multiple Apple services together. In addition to Apple TV+, plans include Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and varying amounts of iCloud+ storage, depending on how much you’re willing to pay. The most expensive tier includes access to Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+.

An Apple One trial lasts for one month, but it’s worth noting that this only applies to services you haven’t already subscribed to. You can’t sign up for an individual Apple TV+ trial and then extend it with One.

How to Get Apple TV+ Cheap

Screenshots of Apple Music on iPhone.

Apple and its partners don’t typically offer discounts on Apple TV+, but there are a number of bundle options that can get you there relatively cheaply.

  • Apple Music Student Subscription: The Student plan is not only cheaper than other plans — $5.99 per month in the US — but it also includes Apple TV+ as a bonus. There are a few catches. You’ll need to verify your enrollment at a college or university, and you’ll need to do so every year that the plan is active. You can only do that once, though, as the deal expires after 48 months or when you graduate from school, whichever comes first. If you don’t cancel, you’ll be moved to the Individual plan.
  • Apple one: This is only “cheap” if you were already hoping to use most or all of the bundled services, but in that context it’s a steal. US options start at $19.95 per month, which is less than it would cost to get Apple Music and Apple TV+ separately.


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