Will Howard: 2024 is ‘good or bad’ for Ohio State

Will Howard: 2024 is ‘good or bad’ for Ohio State

With a view to the 2024 season, the Ohio State Buckeyes know that there are big expectations on their shoulders, with a transfer quarterback Will Howard recognizing that the expectation is that they will win a national championship.

During his time at the Manning Passing Academy, Howard shared what he expects from Ohio State and recognized the team’s talent in 2024.

“For us it’s natty or bust,” Will Howard said. “I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

Ohio State’s biggest rival, Michiganis coming off a national championship of its own in 2023. Now, Ohio State is looking to respond and has done so by being aggressive in the portal, adding several talented players to the team, including Howard himself.

“We have all the talent. We have all the intangibles,” Howard said. “Now we just have to do it. I’m tired of hearing how talented we are and how good our team is. It’s about the work ethic and how we show up every day, and I think we’re doing the things we need to do to put ourselves in that position to be there at the end of the year and now we just have to do it.”

Ohio State is coming off a season in which the Buckeyes went 11-2. It was the third straight season the Buckeyes finished 11-2 and it was the third straight season they lost to Michigan. Now, they are expected to return to the College Football Playoff and at the very least compete for a national championship.

If the Buckeyes manage to win a national championship, it would be Ohio State’s first since 2014. That was under Urban Meyer.

Will Howard not shy away from higher expectations at Ohio State?

Expectations are always high for the quarterback at Ohio State. That is no different for Will Howard and it is something he chooses to embrace.

“It’s tough. The expectations are higher, but I knew what I was signing up for,” Howard said.

“I know the ultimate goal for me is the NFL, to be a starter in the NFL, and I knew if I didn’t put myself in uncomfortable positions and push myself and put those expectations on myself, I wasn’t going to grow. Following in the footsteps of CJ (Stroud)And Justin (Fields)And Dwayne (Haskins)And JT (Barrett). The succession of quarterbacks there is special and I hope I can continue that in a good way.”