Top reasons to choose the Prime Store Card over the Prime Visa

Top reasons to choose the Prime Store Card over the Prime Visa

Amazon Prime credit cards come in two flavors: the Prime Visa, which is accepted everywhere Visa is, and the Prime Store Card, which is available only for Amazon purchases. Both cards earn 5% cash rewards on all Amazon purchases when you have an active Prime membership, come with sign-up bonuses for new cardholders, and offer 0% APR special financing on select purchases.

Now, the Prime Visa is generally the stronger card. It’s more versatile, earning 2% cash rewards at restaurants, gas stations, and on local public transportation and commuting (including taxi rides). But for some cardholders, the Prime Store Card is the better option. If you’re unsure, here are two scenarios where I’d recommend the Prime Store Card over the Prime Visa.

1. You rebuild your credit

Store credit cards tend to have more relaxed credit requirements than regular credit cards. This is partly because the card can’t be used everywhere, and partly because your spending limits will likely be lower. Either way, store credit cards pose slightly less risk to the card issuer, leaving the door open to applicants with all credit scores.

If you’re not accepted for a regular credit card, store cards may be the solution. While store credit cards aren’t accepted everywhere, your payment activity is still reported to the three major credit bureaus. This can help you repair your credit score without having to resort to other, more expensive means, such as credit builder loans. It can also mean switching to a better credit card, such as Prime Visa, once your credit has improved.

Please note that store credit cards have a higher APR. For example, the Prime Store Card has a regular APR of 29.99%, while the Prime Visa has an APR ranging from 20.49% – 29.24% Variable. One way to avoid this interest rate is to set up a special 0% financing. Doing so means you won’t earn the 5% cash rewards on the purchase (sad), but the money you save by taking the financing option may outweigh any rewards you may have earned.

2. You want to limit your expenses

Like other store cards, the Prime Store Card has a lower credit limit than the Prime Visa. It is also limited to purchases from Amazon. If you’re trying to stick to a strict budget, the Prime Store Card may be worth considering because of the additional restrictions that come with it.

But this is Amazon we’re talking about — you know, the place where you can buy basically anything. Your credit limit may not be as high as a regular credit card, but you’ll still need to exercise some discipline to avoid racking up debt. While the built-in limits can help you keep a lid on your spending, Amazon’s vast selection can still tempt you to overspend.

That said, if you’re careful with your Amazon spending, the Prime Store Card can be a useful tool. Its lower credit requirements can help you get a credit card to help you build or rebuild your credit. And you can earn 5% back on your Amazon purchases, which you can use toward future orders. The benefits aren’t as robust as those of the Prime Visa, but it can help you get approved for that credit card, one Amazon purchase at a time.

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