The full list of 186 Kroger-Albertsons stores being sold

The full list of 186 Kroger-Albertsons stores being sold

Danny Peterson and Alix Martichoux

7 minutes ago

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As part of an effort to successfully merge companies, Kroger-Albertson plans to sell hundreds of supermarkets across the U.S. to C&S Wholesale Grocers.

Kroger-Albertson announced in April that it planned to sell 579 of its stores to New Hampshire-based supermarket company C&S for $2.9 billion. However, the specific stores that would be sold were not confirmed by the companies until Tuesday, as The Oregonian first reported.

The full list of stores owned by both Albertsons and Kroger — including under the Safeway and QFC brands — that would be sold includes stores in 18 states and Washington, D.C., plus distribution centers in four states and one manufacturing facility in Colorado.

The states where stores will be closed are:

  • Alaska (18 locations)
  • Arizona (101 locations)
  • California (63 locations)
  • Colorado (91 locations)
  • Delaware (1 location)
  • Idaho (10 locations)
  • Illinois (35 locations)
  • Louisiana (2 locations)
  • Maryland (4 locations)
  • Montana (2 locations)
  • Nevada (16 locations)
  • New Mexico (9 locations)
  • Oregon (62 locations)
  • Texas (28 locations)
  • Utah (4 locations)
  • Virginia (3 locations)
  • Washington (124 locations)
  • Washington, DC (1 location)
  • Wyoming (5 locations)

You can view the full list of the 579 stores sold, including their addresses, here.

A Kroger spokesperson confirmed the divestment plan with Nexstar’s KOIN and said they fully expect the stores — with the same frontline employees — to remain open under C&S after the sale.

“The comprehensive divestiture plan with C&S is critical to delivering the meaningful and measurable benefits of our merger with Albertsons to associates, customers and communities across America. C&S is committed to ensuring that no stores will close as a result of the merger, that all frontline associates will be retained, that all existing collective bargaining agreements will continue, and that associates will continue to receive industry-leading benefits in addition to negotiated wages,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to the 579 stores Kroger-Albertson plans to sell in the U.S., the company also plans to close six distribution centers and one manufacturing plant.

It all comes amid government concerns about the two giant grocery chains merging as one. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit in February to block the $24.6 billion merger. The FTC argued that a lack of competition would ultimately lead to higher grocery prices for shoppers and lower wages for workers.

It’s unclear whether the new proposal will convince regulators to let the merger go ahead. The FTC was unhappy with the first proposal, filed last year, to sell 413 stores to C&S for $1.9 billion.

According to the FTC, C&S would be left with a haphazard mix of stores spread across a wide geographic area, making it unable to compete effectively with a merged Kroger-Albertsons.

That prompted Kroger and Albertsons to come up with a new plan, including a longer list of stores to divest. The companies say they need to merge to compete with mega-retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

The lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial on August 26 in a federal court in Oregon.