GDE will open registrations for groups 1 and 8 tomorrow

GDE will open registrations for groups 1 and 8 tomorrow

Online registrations for students in groups 1 and 8 of 2025 will open tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.

Registration closes at midnight on August 12th.

All parents and guardians in Gauteng with children attending Grade 1 and/or Grade 8 must apply online to be admitted to a public school for the 2025 school year.

All applications for students in grades 1 and 8 will be processed exclusively through the GDE Online Admissions System

Parents with children currently in Group R must also apply online to have their children admitted to Group 1.

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Parents are reminded that the GDE Online Admissions System is currently only processing applications for Year 1 and Year 8.

Applications for other classes must be submitted directly to the school(s) of your choice.

To apply, parents and guardians must first register at:, which will go live for applications on Thursday 11 July at 08:00

Parents will not have access to the system before it goes live and all parents are expected to register as previous login details will not work.

Only parents with children attending grade 1 and/or grade 8 who are looking for a place at a public school in Gauteng for the 2025 school year can register and apply online.

After registering at, the system will ask parents to create login details (username and password). These details can be used to access the online admissions system so that they can view and manage their login details.

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Five-step process

When registering for group 1 and/or group 8 during the GDE 2025 online registration process, parents must complete the following five steps.

STEP 1 – Register data from parents or guardians

STEP 2 – Register a home address

STEP 3 – Register student data

STEP 4 – Submit an application to a maximum of five schools

STEP 5 – Upload documents to the system or submit relevant documents to schools. This must be done within seven days.

Applicants must ensure that they complete the full five-step application process, as applicants who have registered their details without applying to a school will not be considered for placement.

When applying, parents are requested to select a minimum of three and a maximum of five schools.

Parents or guardians cannot send multiple registrations for the same student to the same school.

Necessary documents

  • SA Parent ID or passport and birth certificate or passport of the child
  • Refugee permit (if applicable)
  • Asylum seeker permit (if applicable)
  • Permanent residence permit (if applicable)
  • Study permit (if applicable)
  • Proof of home address
  • Proof of work address
  • Last school report of class 7 (only for candidates of class 8)
  • Clinic card/vaccination report (only for applicants of group 1)

The following documents are accepted as proof of residential address


Municipal account that is not older than three months and is in the name of the requesting parent, showing the full residential address


Municipal account that is not older than three months and is in the name of the landlord (homeowner) and shows the full physical residential address

Certified copies of the following documents

  1. a) Landlord ID
  2. b) Rental agreement signed by landlord and tenant, not older than three months, stating the full physical residential address
  3. c) Rent payment slip with full physical residential address, not older than three months
  4. d) Declaration of an account in the name of the requesting parent with the full physical residential address