Dispensaries are offering 7/10 deals in honor of cannabis concentrates

Dispensaries are offering 7/10 deals in honor of cannabis concentrates

Make way, 4/20 — 7/10 is here! This year, it’s being celebrated on Wednesday, July 10th. The day honors cannabis extracts and oils, offering a more potent experience for seasoned users.

What is 710 days?

Unlike the well-known holiday 4/20, 7/10 gets its name from the fact that if you flip the holiday over, you get “OIL”. This emphasizes the focus on cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are a potent form of cannabis extract that contains only the resin (sap) of trichomes, without any plant material, according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. These concentrates are made up of the most potent components of the plant, not the leaf.

The texture varies in consistency from an oily substance to a syrupy sap or even a sticky toffee. Dabs offer users variety in how they want to consume THC.


Dabs or dabbing are the names for the use of cannabis extracts. It is a relatively new method of administering and ingesting cannabis that involves inhaling highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active chemical in cannabis, according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

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Why dab instead of smoking weed?

Dabbing produces a more potent result than smoking the plant itself. Extracts can have a THC concentration of around 80%, compared to traditional cannabis, which is around 10-25%, according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

Pharmacy Near Me? Go to New Mexico for Deals

Many pharmacies offer big discounts and special offers for 7/10. Ask your favorite pharmacy for details.

Green Paradise: 25% off all resin; BOGO offers; introducing new, lower permanent prices on concentrates; Location: 1955 Victory Lane Suite 1, Sunland Park.

Dark matter: 20% off cartridges, extracts & infused flowers; 30% off select brands; Location: 1615 Appaloosa Drive, Sunland Park.

Jerbaviva: Pre-rolled joints for $1, cartridges for $10, and 10-50% off select brands; Location: 2327 McNutt Road, Sunland Park. Click here for more information.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis-Sunland Park: Sugar Wax 2 for $20; 1g Carts 2 for $20; Pre-Rolled Joints 20% Off; Pre-Rolled Joints 5 for $20; All Top Grade Flower $10 Grams; Pre-Rolled Penny with Any Purchase; Location: 101 Maguey Court, Suite 4, Sunland Park.

Below is a list of approved cannabis dispensaries near El Paso, listed on the New Mexico Cannabis Control Division website:


  • Couth Farms LLC, 118 Anthony Drive
  • The Green Matrix, 3100 S Highway 28
  • Kushology 101!, 1600 E Ohara Road
  • Oso Cannabis Company, 401 Anthony Drive, Suite E
  • At the top of 8th LLC, 1275 Anthony Drive
  • Vida Verde Ventures, LLC, 103 Miller St.

dense undergrowth

  • Ganjika Gardens, 1245 Riley Way
  • Green Therapy Pharmacy, 460 S. County Line Drive, Suite F
  • High Horse Cannabis Co., 545S. County Line Drive, Suite B
  • High Valley Cannabis Co., 100 Archangel Way
  • Rich Rich Hempire, 401 Ralph St.

Saint Theresa

  • Hello Life Dispensary LLC, 5620 McNutt Road
  • Kisa NM Retail LLC, 1190 Country Club Road
  • Garden of Dreams Cannabis LLC, 5300 McNutt Road, Suite 12

Solar park

  • Cardiel Botanica Ltd. Co., 100 Palomas Place, Suite B
  • Highway 420 LLC, 1895 Appaloosa Drive
  • Reserve for Round House, 1165 McNutt Road, Suite C-5
  • Smokin Rodz Smoke Shop LLC, 1134 McNutt Road

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