Obama unintentionally recreates comedy sketch with Team USA Basketball; Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us on a victory lap

Obama unintentionally recreates comedy sketch with Team USA Basketball; Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us on a victory lap

Former U.S. President Barack Obama stole a page from comedy history with his surprise appearance at the first of a five-game exhibition Wednesday ahead of the team’s farewell to the Olympic Games in Paris. The 44th commander in chief had a front-row seat at T-Mobile Arena to watch some of the nation’s top basketball players, including LeBron James, Steph Curry and more, battle Canada.

Barack Obama hugs and flirts with basketball superstar Steph Curry during Team USA’s first Olympic farewell demonstration on Wednesday (left). Jordan Peele plays Obama in an old “Key & Peele” sketch (right).

Team USA’s ultimate slow-burn victory over Canada wasn’t the only glorious performance to go viral. Before the players set the field on fire, Obama inadvertently mimicked real-life comedic artistry as he greeted the players and coaches for what’s to come at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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That’s not all. Kendrick Lamar’s super-viral triumph over Drake following their war of words, which ostensibly culminated in the Pulitzer Award-winning artist’s diss track “Not Like Us,” somehow made it into the arena as well.

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Barack Obama’s Lucky Re-creation of the Iconic Key & Peele Sketch

The former president succeeded perfectly in landing his inadvertent plan from the old Key and Peele playbook.

Footage that has now gone viral on social media shows Obama slowly walking to the line, picking up all the players and hugging them enthusiastically. The scene quickly changes, however, when he reaches the white members of the team and the coaching staff, engaging in simple handshakes with them.

X/Twitter went into a frenzy of hilarity, with fans continuing to share the video, pointing out how similar it was to a sketch from nearly a decade ago on Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s Comedy Central series, in which they parodied pop culture, racial dynamics, ethnic stereotypes, and more.

The hilarious sketch “Obama Meet & Greet” sees Peele as the former president who, as the title suggests, meets a crowd of onlookers after his presidential speech. Not everyone gets the same enthusiastic treatment, however.

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Funnily enough, Obama himself has made jokes in the past, as Key once debuted as his classic character, Luther – the then-president’s “anger translator.”

Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Sets Team USA’s Victory Over Canada in the First Olympic Games in Paris

In addition to the rave reviews on social media for Obama’s performance, the U.S.-Canada exhibition game also garnered a lot of attention from hip-hop fans. Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” sounded the alarm for Team USA’s 86-72 victory over Canada.

The layered euphemism has deep meaning, especially since Lamar concluded his months-long diss track war with Canadian rapper Drake with this song two months ago.

Rubbing salt in his hip-hop rival’s wounds, Lamar lashed out at Drizzy by releasing a six-minute, innuendo-filled video that name-dropped the Toronto rapper a few days ago. Lamar had no plans to slow down, having previously secured checkmate during his one-off “Pop Out: Ken & Friends” concert at California’s Kia Forum in June.