Pokemon Center is giving away free Pikachu and Eevee cards with select bundles

Pokemon Center is giving away free Pikachu and Eevee cards with select bundles


  • Pokemon Together Pikachu and Eevee cards are being given away for free with select bundles at the Pokemon Center throughout the month of July.
  • Previously available exclusively at the European Pokémon Center, the cards are now available in the US and Canada for the first time.
  • Three of the six bundles have already sold out, but Pokémon has promised that more bundles will be released throughout July.

Pokemon giving away free cards during certain promotions often causes quite a stir – just ask the staff at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. While not quite on the same level as the Van Gogh Pikachu card giveaway, promotional cards that were previously exclusive to Europe are being given away this month with certain purchases on the US Pokemon Center website. The Pikachu and Eevee Pokemon Together promo cards, and they’re already proving to be quite popular.

Each card features unique art for both Pikachu and Eevee, and that art is stamped with Pokemon Together in gold lettering. If you want them, you’ll need to purchase one of six bundles available at the Pokemon Center, three of which are already sold out as of this writing. The Poke Ball, Pin Pals, and Academy Amigos bundles, the last of which is the least expensive of the six, are all sold out, presumably because they include the free promo cards.


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There are two good things, though. Not only does this mean that there are three more bundles in stock, but Pokemon has also confirmed that more bundles with the Pikachu and Eevee promo cards will be added to the Pokemon Center in July. So even if you see this hours or even days after the article published, keep checking the Pokemon Center, because there will likely be more bundles in stock if the original six sell out.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the World of Fun bundle didn’t sell out immediately. While it’s the most expensive of the original six promo card bundles, it’s the most enticing in its contents. It includes all three Soda Pop plush toys that were first released in the U.S. less than two months ago. While it’s the most expensive, it does get you three very popular plush toys, two promo cards that may be gone forever by the end of the month, and some handy guides to various Pokémon regions thrown in for good measure.

The other two bundles that remain in stock also include plushies, a Pikachu and Scorbunny in one and a Pikachu and Eevee in the other, along with some other Pokemon TCG products. The bundles feel a bit thrown together, suggesting that Pokemon is trying to clear its warehouse of products it has too many of and isn’t selling well. Surprising if true, given the addition of the Soda Pop plushies, but whatever the reason for the bundle’s contents, the fact that three of them sold out instantly suggests the plan is working.

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