The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6’s cover screen supports two popular email apps

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6’s cover screen supports two popular email apps


  • Samsung is working on adding Gmail and Outlook support to the Flip 6’s cover screen.
  • There is no timetable yet for when FlexWindow support will be available in these apps.
  • Good Lock lets you run third-party apps on the outer screen of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung hasn’t made any notable upgrades to the Galaxy Z Flip 6’s 3.4-inch cover display this year. Third-party apps still won’t launch without Good Lock, though some new widgets and better message reply suggestions help you get more done without opening the phone. To make the Flip 6’s Flex Window more useful, Samsung is working on adding support for two popular email apps: Gmail and Outlook.


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While competition is getting faster and faster

During a press conference ahead of the Flip 6’s Unpacked event on July 10 (via 9to5Google), Samsung representatives revealed that Gmail and Microsoft Outlook will soon be working on the Flip 6’s cover display. However, they didn’t provide a timeframe for when the update would roll out for these apps.

The new Flex Window-compatible releases of Gmail and Outlook could be available later this month when the Flip 6 hits stores. The apps should also likely work on the Flip 5’s outer display, since it’s the same size and resolution as the Flip 6. While the 3.4-inch display doesn’t offer a lot of real estate to work with, official Gmail and Outlook support should ensure quick access to your inbox.

You can use Good Lock to run third-party apps like Gmail and Outlook directly on the Flip 5’s cover screen, but they deliver a subpar experience. There are some UI scalability issues, which shouldn’t be the case once these apps get official support from Google and Microsoft.

You can already use YouTube or Google Maps on the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip

You can currently run Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Messages on the Flip 5’s Flex Window even without using Good Lock. But this is available as an experimental option, and you’ll have to go to Settings > Advanced features > Labs > Apps allowed on front screen and enable support for it. Gmail and Outlook support for cover view may also arrive on an experimental basis initially.

Granted, it would have been nice if Samsung had supported more apps on the Flip 6’s cover screen. The Moto Razr+ (2024) edges out the Z Flip in this regard, especially as it offers direct Gemini access from the outer display, allowing you to summon the voice assistant and issue voice commands without having to open the phone.