Customers report problems with card payments and leaving cash-only stores

Customers report problems with card payments and leaving cash-only stores

Customers at Sainsbury’s and Asda complained that their card payments were blocked on Thursday morning, leaving some supermarkets only able to accept cash.

The supermarkets apologized to customers who were unable to pay for their groceries on Thursday morning due to technical problems.

People complained on X, formerly Twitter, that they had taken their shopping cart to the checkout only to be told they couldn’t pay with a debit card, or that temporary ‘cash only’ signs had been put up in stores.

Sainsbury’s informed customers that there was a national problem with card payments in the morning, but that the issue had now been resolved.

A spokeswoman said: “Contactless payments are working again after being unavailable for a few minutes this morning.

“This was due to an issue with our third-party payment provider.

“We are accepting all payments as usual and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

The problems turned out to be with a provider that processed card payments for some retailers.

Worldline reported that there was a service outage, meaning that some retailers may have experienced issues processing transactions in-store, between approximately 9am and 10am.

The provider later reported that service had been fully restored, but apologized for the temporary outages.

Asda also apologised to customers on X who said their local stores were only accepting cash payments in the morning.

Payments company Visa confirmed Thursday that its systems were operating normally.

A Visa spokesperson said: “We are aware that a business payments provider reported issues this morning which were impacting some cardholders.

“It has been reported that this issue has now been resolved. Visa’s systems continue to operate normally.”

Mastercard also said it was investigating the issue, but it does not appear the problem is caused by an issue with its own systems.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of some issues with payment transactions at a number of merchants in the UK and are working with our partners to gather more information.

“There are currently no indications that these issues are related to our network.”

The problems are the latest in a series of technical issues that have hit banks and digital payments in recent months.

Last month, there were outages in the UK network, which left some people unable to send and receive payments via online and mobile banking.