SA tenpin bowling team wins African Zone Championship

SA tenpin bowling team wins African Zone Championship

It was a home win for the South African bowling team, who managed to regain the African Championship from Egypt last week.

The event started on June 24 and included a week of tough competition for the cup.

According to Kiley Cassel, chairman of the Tenpin Bowling Association South Africa, the team prepared extensively for the championship.

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A highlight was that for the first time we had a top international coach on home soil to help them win the title.

“The team has prepared well. We have managed to get a coach from Germany, Hector Rocaa, who is a coach of the European Bowling Federation (EBF) level 3, which is the highest level of coaching.

“We were fortunate to have him in contact to train the team. We also hired a sports psychologist who worked with the team. The preparation was extensive to achieve the goal that we had set for them,” she said.

Cassel added that it was not easy to dethrone Egypt.

“Egypt was not easy to beat. The Egyptian women won the overall women’s trophy, but our women rose to the challenge and did everything they could. The men’s team took all the medal places and won the overall men’s trophy and Team SA took the combined men’s and women’s trophy,” she said.

Cassel indicated that the support from the city was truly enormous.

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“(We had) a lot of support from the municipality. The mayor, Mzimkhulu Thebolla, came for the opening ceremony, which is really good for the sport itself. The deputy mayor came on many days to watch and he was also at the closing ceremony. The amount of support we got was really amazing.

“The KZN Sports Council gave us a letter and recognised the event. The council was fantastic. It gives us exposure and Planet X helps the sport in general. The facilities were first class and overall the exposure for the sport was exceptional. We can only go from there,” she said.

She said the competition between the countries was fierce.

“In terms of camaraderie and friendship, it goes beyond just a competition, it becomes so much more than that,” she said.

Cassel added that the competition was only a success thanks to the help of all the role players.

As an organizing committee it was a challenge to organize an event of this size, but with the support of the staff and everyone involved it was worth it.

South African bowler Jiveshkar Sewchuran and the owner of Planet X Bowling said it was stressful to organise and participate in the event.

“I’m proud of the team spirit and the way the team worked together, and the coach played an important role. The men’s team won gold in all events and they worked incredibly hard. I’m very proud of the performance,” he said.

He added that the community’s support for the event has been fantastic.