Man Finds Price of Fiancé’s Wedding Dress – What He Does Next Divides Opinion

Man Finds Price of Fiancé’s Wedding Dress – What He Does Next Divides Opinion

Opinions on the internet are divided over a man who canceled his honeymoon without telling his future bride, all because she spent $10,000 on her wedding dress.

“I let my fiancé buy her wedding dress because I thought she would be mature enough to stay within our budget,” Redditor u/DigSpecialist5111 wrote in a post on the popular r/AmITheA****** sub. “Finds out she spent $10,000 on a dress she’ll only wear once.”

Stunned by the decision, the poster revealed that he had cancelled their honeymoon, worried about the cost. “We can’t afford the dress and the honeymoon,” he said. “I cancelled our honeymoon straight away… if we had waited any longer, it would have been much more expensive to cancel.”

However, his fiancée was furious about the cancellation, claiming that she had compromised on other aspects of their wedding in order to afford her dream dress. “She said I had no right to cancel the honeymoon,” DigSpecialist5111 said. “If I didn’t sort it out, she would go on her honeymoon alone.”

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A file photo of a wedding dress on a hanger. The internet is divided over what a man did after discovering the price tag on his wife’s wedding dress.

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Relationship expert and CEO of Droben Matchmaking, Ksenia Droben, gave her opinion on the relationship dilemma. “I see a situation where no one talks to anyone,” she said Newsweek. “The bride bought an expensive dress without consulting the groom, who then canceled the honeymoon without consulting her.”

“The wedding lasts only one day. If the couple has a lot of money, they can spend $10,000. But if there is no money, then the bride already shows that she can’t count and handle money,” Droben explained. But she also said that canceling the trip without consulting his partner showed immaturity on the part of the groom-to-be.

“The couple needs to learn to talk like adults who are ready for a mature relationship. At this stage, they communicate like two spoiled, moody children.”

On Reddit, the post received thousands of upvotes and comments from people with varying opinions about it.

Redditors like Cultural_Card_2603 criticized both parties, writing, “She bought an expensive wedding dress without telling you and without warning you canceled the honeymoon. Sounds like you both are making big decisions behind each other’s backs.”

While Proper-Marsupial-453 advised the man to leave: “You need to get out of here as soon as possible. This is like a dumpster fire.”

Other commenters suggested that you both need to think about whether you’re ready for marriage: “It seems to me that if you two aren’t mature enough to talk about these kinds of things, then maybe you aren’t mature enough to get married either.”

Newsweek reached out to DigSpecialist5111 via Reddit for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.