This sexual wellness brand aims to help couples ‘reconnect’ with card games

This sexual wellness brand aims to help couples ‘reconnect’ with card games

This sexual wellness brand aims to help couples reconnect with a new game. (Vush Connection)

This sexual wellness brand aims to help couples reconnect with their newest product.

Vush has launched a new card game that aims to give people “a deeper connection with just three cards.”

The spicy Connection Challenge card game contains assignments and challenges that you can participate in.

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The brand says they’ll make people “laugh and squirt in their pants, and maybe even squirt (or squirt) in the best way possible.”

There are a whopping 100 challenges on the cards, with three different levels of spice and 30 shaker cards that provide surprises.

Vush Connection card game
The card game Vush Connection contains 100 challenges.

Vush said, “Whether you’ve been together for a long time and want to rekindle the spark or are just starting out and want to explore each other’s wild sides, these cards are your ticket to a night of excitement and intimacy.”

They also say that the cards are not just about the physical, as “the connection goes beyond the surface”.

Some of the cards delve deeper into emotional intimacy, making you think and pushing you out of your comfort zone in the ‘best’ way.

So whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, looking to spice up a night out or simply want to add some excitement to your daily routine, here’s everything you need to know.

How do I buy the card game Vush Connection?

There is currently a 20 percent discount on the card set on the Vush Connection website.

Plus, you can get an extra $5 off if you sign up for the brand’s mailing list. Simply enter your email address on the website and you’ll be given a code for the discount.

What do the reviews say?

Vush Connection card game.
The card game has thousands of positive customer reviews. (Vush Connection)

The Connection Challenge card game currently has an average rating of 4.9 from customers. What do they say about the card game?

A five-star reviewer said, “Fun, suspenseful, memorable, it reignites the spark.”

Another wrote that the cards are great for “deeper conversations about dating.”

Someone else said, “It has led to some fun, exciting, deep conversations with my husband that we otherwise would never have had.”

While another reviewer noted that the game is “not just for couples,” as they played the game during a girls’ night out.

“It was so much fun. The conversations flowed and we all shared hilarious and vulnerable aspects of ourselves that we hadn’t shared with each other before,” said the five-star reviewer.

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