Shiba Inu Whale Activity Points to Possible Price Recovery – Will Latest Meme Coin SHIBASHOOT Follow SHIB’s Success?

Shiba Inu Whale Activity Points to Possible Price Recovery – Will Latest Meme Coin SHIBASHOOT Follow SHIB’s Success?

Shiba Inu is currently trying to recover from the recent price drop and wants to take advantage of the recent spike in volume of 4.29 trillion SHIB whales.

As bearish pressures subside, several crypto assets are looking for recovery opportunities. Shiba Inu is seeing an impressive increase in whale transactions across the board. Interestingly, this spike in whale transactions coincides with a rapid increase in large purchases.

On July 6, Shiba Inu saw transactions worth at least $100,000 rise to a daily peak of 4.29 trillion SHIB, the largest in almost two weeks. We see whales actively buying while the Fear & Greed Index is currently signaling fear.

It is often said that you should buy when there is blood on the streets. The whales understand this principle; they buy when others are scared and are probably scared when others are greedy. Retail investors need to approach this logically.

Currently investors fear the Mt. Gox situation and Germany selling Bitcoin, with Germany recently selling a record amount in a single day. Interestingly enough, Bitcoin closed higher despite this, showing strong market absorption. This market will recover.

The current fear will eventually turn into greed, and those who hesitate to buy now may miss the boat. Retail investors, not whales, often fail to recognize these opportunities.

When recovery comes, Shiba Inu could see significant gains, potentially 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 5x in the next few months. Smaller market cap tokens like Shiba Shootout could see significant gains, potentially 20x, 30x, or even 50x during a bull market peak.

Shiba Shootout Raises Over $600K – Next Big Meme Coin?

After the prices of some leading memecoins dropped, investors started looking for projects with high potential. Many discovered Shiba Shootout, which the community believes could be a 100x memecoin gem that is still in the pre-sale phase.

The new project has quickly built a large community and raised over $600k in its early pre-sale phase, making it trend on various social media channels. With its rapid success and Wild West theme, investors are wondering if $SHIBASHOOT could follow in the footsteps of Shiba Inu.

SHIBASHOOT Presale Now Raises $600,000SHIBASHOOT Presale Now Raises $600,000

Source – Shiba Shootout Twitter

Since it is still in the pre-sale stage, investors can purchase the token for the low price of $0.0195 per token. They can purchase the token with ETH, BNB, or USDT, and card payments are also supported, allowing a wider audience to acquire the token before it launches on exchanges.

After the ICO is complete, the team plans to launch on exchanges, likely starting with a DEX launch. Shiba Shootout shows significant growth potential with an ambitious roadmap and a team that is actively involved in the community.

The team has already had Shiba Shootout’s smart contracts audited by SolidProof, a step that many established memecoins have not taken. A smart contract audit examines the project’s code in depth for vulnerabilities and issues.

This commitment to security and transparency, combined with unique features, has caused quite a stir on social media.

Shiba Shootout cowboy inspired features

The project has gained attention by focusing on delivering value to user investments through utility programs. For example, its Token Governance Roundups allow token holders to participate in regular voting sessions on important project decisions, creating a decentralized governance system reminiscent of a Wild West town.

The Posse Rewards program encourages community growth by rewarding both referrers and new members with bonus tokens.

The project promotes community engagement with Campfire Stories, where members share their experiences with crypto and memecoins and earn token rewards for the most entertaining stories. These are just a few examples of the various tools the project has introduced.

The Lucky Lasso Lotteries feature allows participants to purchase tickets using Shiba Shootout tokens for a chance to win significant crypto prizes, with a portion of the proceeds going to charitable initiatives.

Savings Saddlebags encourages financial discipline and long-term investing by offering users the ability to automatically allocate a percentage of their tokens to a special wallet, where they earn additional tokens as rewards.

Additionally, the project offers Cactus Staking, which allows investors to stake their tokens. Considering its early stage, it offers an impressive APY rate of over 1600%.

Shiba Shootout Telegram ChannelShiba Shootout Telegram Channel

For more information about the project, stay tuned to Shiba Shootout’s social media channels on Telegram and X.

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