Limited time offer: this high-end keyboard for the lowest price yet

Limited time offer: this high-end keyboard for the lowest price yet

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ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Gaming Keyboard

$78 $120 Save $42

Roccat is offering a limited-time deal on Amazon on its small but mighty Vulcan II Mini gaming keyboard. Despite having a small 65% form factor that leaves plenty of room for mouse movement, this keyboard features advanced technologies like Titan Optical Switches, Easy-Shift(+), and Smart Keys. Grab this Lightning Deal before it’s gone.

For gamers looking for keyboard deals, Amazon has an excellent option for a limited time. The Roccat Vulcan II Mini gaming keyboard is available right now as a Lightning Deal, meaning that for a limited time and in limited quantities, the keyboard is being sold at a steep 35% discount. This brings the price down from $119.99 to a much more approachable $78.40, saving shoppers who quickly spend over $40.

Roccat is a respected name in the gaming industry, developing gaming peripherals, accessories and devices since 2006. The company is known for creating peripherals, especially gaming mice, with unique aesthetics and innovative features. Its expertise was recognized by American audio company Turtle Beach, which acquired it in 2019. The Vulcan II Mini is part of Roccat’s popular Vulcan gaming keyboards.

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Why choose the Roccat Vulcan II Mini

The Roccat Vulcan II Mini is a compact gaming keyboard designed for competitive gamers who want high-end features without a bulky footprint. It comes with the exclusive Titan II optical switches, which provide ultra-fast linear actuation. This makes for fast and responsive keystrokes that are also predictable, allowing gamers to perform actions repeatedly, an important aspect at the highest level of competitive gaming.

The company’s patented Easy-Shift(+) technology enables a second layer of function on keys, offering far greater customization options than traditional gaming keyboards. The keyboard’s Smart Keys feature expands on this with dedicated LEDs to indicate when secondary functions are active. The Vulcan II Mini’s compact 65% form factor saves desk space while retaining essential functions like the arrow keys.

The keyboard has a detachable USB-C cable, making it easy to transport and set up, making it perfect for gamers on the go. The Vulcan II Mini is built using high-quality materials with an anodized aluminum top plate that ensures longevity and durability. The keyboard also supports third-party keycaps, offering further customization options for those who want to personalize their keyboard further. Finally, the keyboard also supports Roccat’s AIMO RGB lighting. Right now, the Roccat Vulcan II Mini gaming keyboard is available on Amazon for a limited time for $78.40.

Most important features

  • Titan II Optical Switches with fast linear drive
  • 65% mini form factor with arrow keys
  • Easy-Shift(+) technology for extra functionality

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