AWS and Workday collaborate on AI applications for businesses

AWS and Workday collaborate on AI applications for businesses

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a partnership focused on generative artificial intelligence with an enterprise software company Business day.

“This expanded collaboration combines the power of Workday AI and AWS to deliver AI capabilities to our customers faster and more efficiently,” Shane Lucassaid Workday’s vice president of product and engineering and head of AI and machine learning, in a press release Thursday (July 11). “With Workday AI, we’re focused on delivering value to our customers through the use of business data into their Workday applications. By leveraging AWS, we can focus more directly on that goal while using the tools and services they provide for a range of model management and operations.”

Workday uses AWS tools such as Amazon Bedrock And Amazon SageMaker JumpStart to develop generative AI capabilities that help customers manage their workforce and financial assets, the press release said.

“For example, Workday is leveraging AWS’s generative AI capabilities to help customers create job descriptions in minutes instead of hours, analyze and correct contracts for more accurate revenue reporting, and create personalized talent highlights for employees,” the press release said.

Additionally, Workday partners with the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center to explore new AI applications, which means expanding its use of Amazon SageMaker to improve the performance of large language models “by implementing model guardrails and responsible AI policy and evaluating generative AI use cases for manufacturing,” the press release said.

AWS also introduced a generative AI service this week that lets users create applications using natural language.

The AWS App Studio This allows users to describe a desired application, the functions they want to perform with it, and the data sources they want to integrate with.

The service, which is now available in preview in Oregon, then uses that information to build an application “in minutes” that can be used immediately, the company says.

Amazon’s focus on AI is an important engine of growth this year, with the rollout of several new generative AI products and services, PYMNTS reported in May. AWS saw its revenue rise 17% year over year to $25 billion, while its operating income rose to $9.4 billion from $5.1 billion in the first quarter of last year.

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