Flitetec prepares for launch of OEMRepair Hub in Farnborough

Flitetec prepares for launch of OEMRepair Hub in Farnborough

Flitetec, a UK-based aircraft components specialist, has announced that it will be showcasing its OEMRepair Hub service at the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow.

OEMRepair Hub supports customers who require repairs and overhauls of components and equipment supplied by original aircraft manufacturers (OEMs).

The service comes after Flitetec has doubled its annual turnover for the past two years and is targeting continued strong growth.

Flitetec says it will carry out repairs, refurbishments and replacements in-house and will work with dedicated partners and certified repair centres.

It targets defense customers seeking to manage the risk of military aircraft obsolescence, as well as companies in the civil sector.

Flitetec says the OEMRepair Hub will also take the pressure off OEMs answering questions about parts and repairs. Products are primarily electromechanical and avionics components, as well as door locks and latches.

Trevor Lea, Managing Director of Flitetec, said: “Many airlines are facing increasing challenges in repairing and replacing parts on their assets, particularly older aircraft.

“The OEM may no longer exist, be part of a larger group, or no longer have the capacity or ability to perform repairs and refurbishments for certain parts. In some cases, parts may no longer be available.

“Any asset that is not operational always costs money. The cost of repairing or refurbishing safety or mission critical equipment or components can be a fraction of the cost of upgrading a whole new aircraft or platform.”

Lea adds: “With OEMRepair Hub, we identified a gap in the market to provide a comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages repair processes, ensuring efficiency, reliability and exceptional customer satisfaction.

“This solution also includes acquiring design and tooling rights for older products, which are no longer supported by the OEM.

“We can draw on the combined knowledge and hundreds of years of experience of our team working in this mature market and our ability to map supply chains to source hard-to-find products.

“This means that we can act as a bridge between the operator and the OEM to enable repair, refurbishment or replacement.

“OEMRepair Hub is not just about managing repair orders, but also about improving the entire repair experience. It allows customers to focus on what they do best: innovating and growing their business, instead of worrying about the logistical details of repairs.”

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