Blake Lively wears a shiny blue mini dress with a floor-length denim jacket

Blake Lively wears a shiny blue mini dress with a floor-length denim jacket

On Friday night, Blake Lively was in New York City in a bright blue ensemble that sparkled like early summer. Gossip Girl star wore a sparkly blue mini dress under a floor-length denim jacket. She carried a matching oval bag over one shoulder and wore a gold chain necklace with chunky gold hoops.

Lively’s long blonde hair was in flowing waves and she walked in a pair of open-toed heels. She wore a radiant palette of natural makeup and was accompanied by her friend Isabela Ferrer.

celebrities seen in New York City June 28, 2024celebrities seen in New York City June 28, 2024

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Lively has been traveling extensively to promote her new film It ends with Yous, based on the popular novel by Colleen Hoover. Scheduled for release on August 9, she stars in the film opposite Justin Baldoni and Jenny Slate.

At Book Bonanza Lively said Entertainment tonight“Some people will always like a book better than a movie, and some people will like a movie better than the book. But I think we just did our best to honor the book and the fans, and, I think, really make something that even works on its own.

She continued: “If you don’t know the book, the movie works. I don’t think it’s possible that if you read the book and see the movie, you wouldn’t be excited. We really worked hard on that. I believe too that if you see the movie and then read the book, you wouldn’t say, “Wait a minute, this isn’t like (the other one).” You can do both. I love them both. I watched it for the first time with my mother, who was the inspiration for the story, so words can’t express how amazing this whole experience is.”

But Lively is a big fan of the book.

“This story resonated with so many people, so that comes with a lot of responsibility,” she said of the original story. “You want to honor this book and this character that people love so much, but you also want to bring a life and a humanity to it that’s true to who you are. There’s a lot of different things you want to accomplish in this story.”

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